Abortion involves removal using pharmacological methods or mechanical child from the uterus, resulting in its death.

Depending on the stage of pregnancy Different methods are used. At the earliest stage (up to nine weeks) usually gives the woman a series of chemicals that cause artificial miscarriage. It is used two-component formulation. The first dose contains a substance destroys or deforms child, the second dose causes uterine contractions and expulsion of the child and the lining of the uterus. The first contains methotrexate dose – chemotherapeutic agent, an antimetabolite of folic acid or mifeproston – inhibitor of progesterone, the second dosage form contains prostaglandin misoprostol or gemeprostu.

For further stages used a variety of connection methods of vacuum emptying the uterus with a mechanical destruction of the embryo / fetus and removing the debris.

In the last trimester it is usually used method call premature birth or fetal counterpart destructive methods caesarean section. The fetus is most often beheaded inside the uterus, before the start of the actual operation.

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All the above methods of abortion performed without anesthesia fetus, which, due to incomplete development of the nervous system in pain until the third trimester of pregnancy

Partial-birth abortion



Dialation and Evacuation Abortion


Suction aspiration abortion – notice how the illustration calls it “tissue,” even though it is clear it is a living human being.


The late abortion is also used to inject basic salt solution to the amniotic sac causing killing of the child. As a result of abortion by saline injection occurs relatively often live birth, the fetus is able to survive – in the UK it happens about fifty such cases per year, whereby due to the late age of an acceptable sacrifice (24 weeks), many children are able to live independently but in practice they are left unattended and dying



Movies demonstrating abortion procedures: